Push notifications for the courier

  1. Conditions for receiving push notifications
  2. Push notification types
    1. Route appointment
    2. Client call needed
    3. The signal from the courier disappeared

The courier gets push notifications on their mobile device when:

  • The courier is appointed to a route or routes.
  • The courier has to call a client.
  • The courier signal disappears.
Note. By default, couriers receive all notifications.

Conditions for receiving push notifications

For the courier to receive notifications:

Logistician has to:
  1. Specify the courier's phone number in the web interface (for details, see Couriers).
  2. Pass the Yandex.Monitoring username to the courier.
Courier has to:
  1. Install the Yandex.Courier mobile app.
  2. Register in the app with the username received from the logistics coordinator.
  3. Allow the app to send push notifications.

Push notification types

Attention. The wordings for push notifications are the same and can't be changed.

If you need to set the time interval, contact support. By default, the time is 1800 seconds.

Route appointment

Notification text

You were assigned a <company name> route.

Sending condition

If a courier is assigned a route:

  • When a route is created with a courier.
  • When the route courier is changed.

The notification is sent right after the routes are uploaded in Yandex.Monitoring.

Note. If a courier was assigned multiple routes, they will receive a notification about each of them.

Client call needed

Notification text

Please remember to call the client about order <order number> <order address>.

Sending condition

If it's important to call the order recipient before arriving. Needed for orders uploaded to Yandex.Monitoring without agreeing delivery (for details, see Order status on upload).

A notification about the call is sent to the courier H seconds before estimated time of arrival (ETA).

The signal from the courier disappeared

Notification text

Your GPS signal was lost. Your location data isn't being sent.

Sending condition

If for some reason (background geolocation is turned off, the application is closed, or something else) the server stops receiving coordinates from the courier on the route.

A notification is sent if no coordinates are received within X seconds.

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