Consider geofences

Incompatible zones

When planning routes, you may need to allocate orders to different runs:

  • Due to the road's characteristics. For example, we don't recommend delivering orders to opposite sides of a river or railway in one run. This way, you use bridges and crossings less often.

  • Because of billing specifics. For example, to divide orders by direction.

In such cases, you can use geofences and indicate their incompatibility in the options.incompatible_zones field. Orders in incompatible geofences can't be delivered in the same run.

Use this field to specify a list of incompatible zones. When planning routes, orders are distributed to different runs if they have at least one incompatible zone.

"options": {
    "incompatible_zones": [
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Incompatible zones can also be set for individual couriers.

Ignore zones

If you enable the option options.ignore_zones, you can cancel all restrictions related to geofences (for more information, see Geofences and Incompatible zones).

"options": {
    "ignore_zones": true
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When planning with an Excel file, the option ignore_zones is set in the Planning interface on the Settings → Consider geofences tab. The ignore_zones = true field value corresponds to the pressed button No.


Example 1

This example shows incompatible geofences zone1 and zone2. Their orders can't be delivered in one run. Order 2 is in zone1, and order 4 is in zone2. All orders are delivered by the same vehicle.

As a result, the vehicle does two runs.

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Example 2

The same conditions as in Example 1, but the following setting is used in the Planning interface: Settings → Consider geofences  → No.

As a result, the vehicle delivers all orders in the same run.

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