Solution quality

When building routes, the service selects the optimal routing option. The algorithm builds the solution so that its cost is minimal.

When planning via the API, the quality of the solution is set using the options.quality parameter. Possible values:

  • low: Debug mode. It is used only to check the specified restrictions (to make sure that there are no logical errors, correct source data is entered, and other activities). The advantage of the setting is a short planning time. You can't analyze the routes built in debug mode.

  • normal: Basic quality of the solution. It is the default value. This setting is sufficient to perform the majority of routing tasks.

  • high: Highest possible quality. The running time of the planning algorithm in this mode increases significantly: if there are a lot of orders (more than 5000), and routes are planned over several days, planning can take more than one hour. Therefore, by default, this setting is disabled. To open it, contact a manager or support.

When planning via the interface, the quality of the solution is set on the Settings tab in the Solution quality section.

The runtime of the routing algorithm depends primarily on the number of orders and the scheduling window. Estimates of the routing algorithm speed for normal quality are given in the Request processing time section.

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