Comparing MVRP and SVRP method groups

  1. MVRP
  2. SVRP

When planning routes via the API, the following method groups are used:

  • MVRP for optimal order distribution among couriers and route planning.
  • SVRP to optimize the order sequence for one courier's route.


Use the MVRP method group when:

  • You need to plan deliveries for several cars for today or tomorrow.
  • You need to add orders to the existing routes of several cars.


Use the SVRP method group when:

  • Orders are assigned to couriers outside of RouteQ (manually, by geographical zones, and so on), but the order sequence needs to be optimized for each courier before starting the run.
  • The order sequence needs to be recalculated for a route after it started due to refusals, unloading delays, or other circumstances.
  • You need to clarify the courier's estimated time of arrival for orders that haven't been delivered yet.

In the Adding an SVRP task method request body, set the vehicle object (instead of the vehicles array in MVRP). You can see an example using this method in Single courier routing.

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