Users authorize in RouteQ using Yandex ID. We recommend observing all the account protection rules for your RouteQ account.

To access RouteQ, your account or Yandex ID must be linked to a specific company ID. An account can only be linked to one company, but a company can contain multiple accounts. If the company already has an ID, then its administrator can add new users. If you create a new company, then the account that the user was authorized under when creating the company will be added as the administrator.


When working with accounts:

  • To register a company, use a separate email address that is not used for personal email. This ensures the company will maintain its access if, for example, an employee is dismissed. For more information, see Before you register.
  • Create separate accounts for different users so that employees don't lose access if anyone changes the account password.

The authorization method depends on which RouteQ features you plan to use:

  • To plan routes only in the interface, all you need are the company ID and the account linked to the company. For more information, see Registration.
  • To use the Planning API, you need an API key. When a user registers a company, an API key is automatically created and linked to their account.

    If the company is already registered in RouteQ, you can view the API key in the company settings.

  • To use the Track & Trace API and some Planning API features (such as Geofences from the master data), you need an OAuth token. This token is created for the administrator account. When working with an OAuth token, remember how a token can be revoked.

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