Coordinates of couriers

Logistics coordinators need to know the courier's live coordinates in order to monitor visits to delivery locations and depots and determine the order's estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Sources of coordinates

Track & Trace can receive coordinates from the mobile app or GPS tracker (see Data preparation), as well as via the API (this method is configured by technical support). Coordinates can be transmitted via the API if, for instance, the company uses its own mobile app.

Couriers can use both GPS trackers and the Yandex Courier app at the same time: the app provides order info and lets them leave comments and photos, while a GPS tracker's coordinates are more accurate compared to a smartphone.

Determining the source of coordinates

If the coordinates come from multiple sources, you can specify which one to use for displaying the courier's route and calculating the ETA. The source can be specified for the entire company or for individual couriers.

Setting the coordinate source for the company is only possible with support's help.

To specify the source of coordinates for the courier via the API, provide the allowed_courier_position_sources parameter's value array in the request body. Possible values:

  • gps_tracker: From the GPS tracker.
  • app: From the Yandex Courier app.
  • s2s_api: Via the API.

If no parameter is set for the courier, the company value is used.

By default, all coordinate sources are allowed for the company, and no parameters are specified for couriers.

If the value of the allowed_courier_position_sources parameter for the company or courier is defined as an empty array, no coordinates are transmitted to Track & Trace.

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