Courier list

You can set up SMS notifications to customers about the delivery status for each courier. To do this, set the switch next to the courier's name to the desired position.

Working with the list of couriers

Register a courier
Enter the new courier's phone number and username and click Add.
Open the courier card
Click a courier username or phone number in the list.
Delete a courier
Attention. Deletion can't be undone, and you can't restore a remote courier in the system.
Click Remove in the list row. If there are planned routes and orders for the remote courier, the Track & Trace system displays “Courier deleted” instead of their username. Information about the remote courier isn't displayed on the map. The courier's routes and orders don't display buttons for contacting the courier.

Courier card

In the card, you can see:
  • Courier data: The courier ID and contacts.
  • Information about the courier's work on different days.
  • The courier's route on the map.
  • Information about where the courier was at a certain time.
  • The list of orders delivered by the courier.

You can change or add a courier, change the route, and contact a courier via the chat.

The courier's work on a different date

By default, the system displays the information for today. To view the courier's work for a different date, click Yesterday or Tomorrow or enter the necessary date.

Change or delete a route

You can pass an entire route to a different courier. To do this, click Change routeSend the route to the courier. If the necessary courier isn't on the list, you can add them.

To pass a route to a courier with a specific GPS tracker, click Change routeSend a route to the tracker.

Note. If a courier is deleted, their route can't be passed to another courier. You can only delete the route.

Transfer orders to a different route

You can transfer orders from one route to another if the courier can't fulfill all their orders for some reason (the car broke down, it took a long time to wait at a point of sale, and so on).

Note. You can only transfer orders to the routes of couriers who work on the same day that the original route is assigned for.

Transfer the remaining orders to another courier's route:

  1. Go to the page of the route with non-delivered orders.
  2. Mark the orders that need to be transferred on the map.
  3. In the Change route menu, choose Transfer part of the orders.
  4. Determine what route to transfer the orders to:

    • To a new route: Click Add new route.

    • To an existing route: Use the field-based search form:

      • Route: Route name.
      • Phone: Courier's phone number.
      • Name: Courier's name.
      • Depot: Depot that the route starts from.
      • Login: Courier's login.
  5. Click Transfer.

As a result, both routes involved in the order transfer will change:

The target route
  • The transferred orders will appear.
  • An extra point will be added to indicate the current location of the courier whose route the orders were originally placed on.
  • The route characteristics will be updated.
The source route
  • The transferred orders will be removed.
  • Information about completed orders will remain.

Courier performance information

While the route is in progress, you can see the time when the courier passed the control points: when the route was set, when the courier sent the current coordinates last, and when the courier returned to the depot.

Route built
The time when the courier was at the point from which the last coordinates were sent.
Sent the coordinates
The time when the server recieved data about the last courier position. For example, data about the courier's position at 16:57 was received at 17:52.
Return to the depot

The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) indicates the expected arrival time that Track & Trace calculates every few minutes for non-delivered and non-canceled orders en route. For more information, see Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).

Calculation method
The time the last coordinate was received plus the planned time needed to complete the route with all the points not visited yet. Orders that break the sequence aren't taken into account.
Set start time

The moment when route tracking starts. It depends on the planning method:

  • Via the API: Start time corresponds to the route start time if it's set. If not, it's 5 hours before the start of the earliest order time window.
  • Via the interface: Start time corresponds to the time when the vehicle leaves the depot.
  • Import of a ready-made route from Excel: Start time corresponds to the shift start time.

Courier's location at a certain time

If the route is already completed or at least started, the blue slider under the map is active. By moving the slider, you can view the courier's location at different points in time. The exact time is displayed to the right of the slider. To see where the courier was at the selected time, click Show on map.

Order list

You can add an order to the route and change the order sequence. If the order sequence seems suboptimal, click Optimize route, and the route will be rebuilt.

Note. If a courier is deleted, you can't add an order to their route or change the order sequence in the route.

From the list, you can go to the order card.

: Configure columns in the order list.

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