Plan / Fact

The Plan / Fact section is designed to work with reports that show the accuracy of planning and information about the actual planning indicators.

In this section, you can prepare and download reports and generate graphs.

For more information on working with reports, see Plan / Fact reports.

  1. Excel reports

Excel reports

The report file consists of several sheets:


A comparison of planned and actual indicators for each day of the selected period.

For example, Planned total mileage, km and Actual total mileage, km.


A separate comparison of indicators for each depot specified in the routes for the selected period. The indicators for comparison are the same as on the Days sheet, but are linked to a specific depot.


A comparison of indicators for each route.

For example, Planned finish time and Actual finish time.


A comparison of indicators for each individual order.

For example, Planned distance to the point, km and Actual distance to the point, km.

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