General description

Track & Trace helps you track deliveries in real time and inform recipients about the courier's estimated time of arrival.


  • Notify recipients about deliveries.
  • Inform the delivery company or the service center operator about the courier's performance during the day.
  • Send warnings about delivery window violations.

Example of working with Track & Trace

  1. The customer places an order. Information about the order is saved in the delivery company's database.
  2. The delivery company uploads information over the API to the Track & Trace database.
  3. Track & Trace:
    • Processes the data and generates a route.
    • Sends route information to the courier's device where Yandex Courier is installed.
    • Sends the customer delivery notification.
  4. Courier:
    • Completes the delivery.
    • Marks the delivery as completed in the Yandex Courier app.
  5. The Yandex Courier app updates the data in the Track & Trace database.
  6. The delivery company syncs the changes in the Track & Trace database with their local database.

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