Courier visits to the depot

  1. Data export settings
  2. Report information

To track when a courier arrives at and departs from a depot, set up depot data export to Track & Trace. When calculating the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), the courier's departure from and return to the depot will be taken into account and shown in the report.

Data export settings

Using the interface

If you export a solution from Planning or import a prepared solution to Track & Trace:

  1. Select Settings → Company.
  2. Enable Show depots in Track & Trace option. It exports depot data to Track & Trace.
Using the API

If you prepare a route in the API and upload it over the Track & Trace API, set the nodes using the nodes method:

  • depot: Depot.
  • garage: Garage.
  • order: Order.

Report information

You can find information about the courier's visits to depots in the Courier performance report.

  1. In the Type column, select the Depot row. If your company uses multiple depots, use the Address column to select the depot.
  2. Find the Departure from location radius and Arrival at location radius columns. In this case, they contain the actual time and date of the courier's departure from and arrival at the depot.

The courier's arrival at the depot should be recorded automatically when they enter the detection radius (see the Parameter description). If it isn't recorded, before the courier arrives at the first order location, they're considered still on their way to the depot.

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