Delivery by order statuses

You can use the Delivery by order statuses option to calculate the Estimated time of arrival (ETA) correctly and send SMS notifications if delivery is carried out through the mobile app in manual mode. Learn more.


If automatic delivery is set up, the option doesn't affect the calculation of the ETA.

This option is useful in the following situations:

  • There are technical or organizational difficulties with constantly receiving coordinates from the mobile app.
  • Orders have inaccurate coordinates. For example, the actual loading or unloading location may not match the coordinates of the destination. Learn more

In manual mode, the order visit is counted when the courier marks the delivery in the mobile app even if an entry into the delivery radius isn't recorded.


When calculating the ETA, the order of the delivery status is taken into account. The actual sequence of visiting orders fixed by the visit detection logic is ignored.

If the time of the order visit and the manual delivery mark don't match, the ETA may be calculated inaccurately.

The ETA calculation factors in the actual sequence of visiting orders fixed by the visit detection logic. The way the status mark is set doesn't matter.

To disable or enable this option, as well as to find out its status, contact support. The updated setting will take effect after the courier restarts their app.


The option is on by default for new companies.

Contact support