Courier updates to order coordinates


If the loading or unloading location doesn't match the geographical coordinates of the destination (for example, if the destination is unusually shaped and has multiple driveways), then the courier can correct the delivery location coordinates at that location.

How it works


The courier corrects the coordinates in the Yandex Courier app in the order list. Instructions can be found inder Specifying coordinates in the Yandex Courier documentation.

Logistics coordinator

Routing workspace

The coordinates entered by the courier are included in the Courier performance report in the Updated latitude and Updated longitude fields. You can use the updated coordinates for future planning.

To use the updated coordinates:

  1. In the menu on the left, select Reports → Courier performance.
  2. Create a report for the required period.
  3. Click Download XLSX to download the report in Excel format.
  4. Transfer the new order coordinates from the Updated latitude and Updated longitude columns to the delivery company's database.

The latitude and longitude submitted by the courier are entered into the refined_lat and refined_lon fields, respectively.

To get the updated coordinates, send a request to the courier-quality resource.

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