Auto detection

  1. Enable auto detection
  2. Features of auto detection

Auto detection is the automatic detection of order delivery. The auto detection function works if Automatic delivery detection is enabled in the company settings.

Auto detection is affected by the following parameters:

  • The auto detection radius. Set for the whole company through the interface and can be changed for a specific order via the API. Measured in meters.
  • The timewhen the courier must be within the auto detection radius (in the delivery area). Measured in seconds.

    Calculation method

    The timeis calculated using the formula:

    , where

The moment when the automatic order delivery mark is triggered depends on the ETA calculation method:

  • For arrival_time: in seconds after the courier enters the delivery area.
  • For delivery_time: in seconds after the start of delivery, but not before the delivery window.

Enable auto detection

In the routing workspace interface

You can only set one auto detection radius using the interface.

For more information on enabling auto detection, see Set up automatic delivery parameters.

In the API

If you need to set the radius for every order, use the mark_delivered_radius parameter in the API request. For example, to set the radius for urban delivery points or a suburban depot.

Parameters for calculating the time when the courier is in the delivery area:

  • The order service time is service_duration_s.
  • The address service time is shared_service_duration_s.

Features of auto detection

  • In auto detection, the delivery mark works in online and offline modes. For example, if there's no connection.


    If the courier has no connection, the Order delivered status appears only after the connection is restored.

  • To avoid accidental entry into the delivery radius, the entry is recorded at the time of order delivery.
  • Auto detection uses the time on the device and on the Track & Trace server. The times on the device and on the server may not match, because the courier can change the time on his device.


    The order delivery time is recorded based on the time on the Track & Trace server.

  • The auto detection logic works even if the delivery is performed in manual mode, provided that the Delivery by order statuses option is disabled.

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